The use of valve, Sand and DE are posthumous in pool filtration technology. The new filtering systems rarely use these methods as more dependence is laid on cartridge filters. The technology in use today is much more superior in comparison to the old ones. The cartridge serves as an undisputed filtering medium capable of distilling dirt and debris of all kind. There are no flaws associated with this filtration system as they are capable of filtering out dirt and debris without allowing them to remain suspended in water of pools.

The amazing thing about this new filtration technology is that it is capable of trapping microscopic particles sized 5 microns or less than that. The cartridge filament has pores well defined for this purpose. To be more precise, pleats of polyester filament that make the cartridge filtering medium have evenly distributed pores and that enable filtration to be executed at unprecedentedly high levels. The installation of a Harmsco cartridge filter, for example, brings to standstill all problems that result from impurity coagulation in pond water. The filters soak in the impurities within themselves and just allow water to escape into the pool. This is a constant process and so nothing is left suspended in the pool water.

Filtering systems such as the cartridge filters are becoming popular day by day. Pool users now have started to discard their old filtering systems and are accepting the new filters for their swimming pools. The filter’s installation is much easier and they serve better than the traditional ones.