Sand filters have served pool users for decades. But in-spite of the fine granular sand filtering medium resisting the flow of impurities, fine dust particles still are allowed to escape in the pool water. Changing the laterals, standpipe, and replacing the spider gasket do not serve the desired results. Moreover, it is a massive filtering system and covers a huge space.

In order to overcome this problem, cartridges are built in conformity with the latest in technology and making use of fibrous filament like polyester. This filament has very tiny pores that can hold on to microscopic dirt particles that are even invisible to the eyes. Hence, the filament successfully deposits fine granular impurities on its surface.

Using Unicel cartridge filters or similar Harmsco swimming Pool filters can get to the root of the problem to solve it. People sometimes try to overcome the problem by fitting a pantry hose on their sand filter. But that really looks awful through it may help to collect dirt to a great extent. This is not really a wise way of dealing with the problem. The modern cartridge filters are the best and their portability makes it possible for people to get them easily installed in pool systems.

The new cartridge filters also abandons the need to backwash ponds as is required in sand filters. If someone is using a pump then there is no need to alter the pressure to set things right. This new form of filter is capable of capturing dirt at normal pump pressure. Moreover, it can be cleaned with much ease whenever clogging takes place. So, the cartridge filter equipment has multiple advantages.