coleman hot tub filtersCartridge filters are a great innovation in the arena of swimming pool/ spa filtration. Designed with most-recent technology, these filters have become the most preferred filter option for pool owners. In fact, they are designed to perfection as they amalgamate the good features of the traditional filters while overcoming their drawbacks as well.

These filters are robust, durable and low in maintenance. They require very less water and energy to filter your pool water effectively. They are simple to operate and are environment friendly as no backwashing is involved, which in turn prevents wastage of large gallons of water.

Moreover, due to compact design, these filters are easy to install and maintain. Only when the filter canister pressure reaches 8 PSI above the normal system does the cartridge filter require cleaning. Pool filters cartridges are made from spun polyester, and wrapped around a heavy plastic or PVC core. This core allows water to flow from outside the cartridge to the core.

The pleats trap dirt and other particles which in turn may range from 25-100 microns in size. The cartridge element is removed from filter housing and hosed off thoroughly from top to bottom to get rid of contaminants. However, too much pressure should not be applied while hosing off as it may damage the cartridge element. offers you the highest quality swimming pool & spa filter cartridges with the very best prices, superior customer service, along with quick and free shipping. We provide swimming pool equipment, pool maintenance products, pool cleaners and pool care supplies of market leading brands such as Unicel, Hayward, Pentair and more.

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