Cartridge filters serve as essential element for maintenance of swimming pools. The ponds previously had to be back-washed, chlorinated and cleaned regularly for their maintenance. These excessively laborious tasks have been totally nullified in keeping pools clean. There is no longer any need to add DE matter or sand in Cartridge filters to keep them functioning. The cartridges that are brought to use themselves save the pool from becoming polluted and dirty.

The pleated filament made of polyethylene or polypropylene, used in cartridge filters have dexterously built invisible pores. These pores are capable of resisting the flow of unwanted particles and impurities in the pool water. As this continues for an extended period of time, the dirt suspended in the water keeps mounting on the cartridge surface. So, the cartridge needs to be pulled out from the filter especially when the pressure reaches 8 psi and cleaned. This done on a regular basis keeps swimming pools safe and clean.

The resisting factor of such cartridge filters is just too great and it becomes impossible for anything extraneous in nature to find an escape into the pond water. Thus the maintenance part of pools is taken care of by cartridge filters as they do not allow littering of the pond. Then the cleaning and operation of such filters is less cumbersome in comparison to the old filters. Now, it is possible to completely avoid cleaning as the cartridges can be replaced. So, wherever, a cartridge of a filter say Hayward gets clogged it can be immediate replaced with a new filtering medium. This is a bail out for pool users from the pain of cleaning a clogged in Hayward filter cartridge.