Cartridge Filters for Your Pool

A clean and healthy pool is what everyone desires. That can be achieved by a good filtration system in place. But installing it is not enough, because the cartridge requires regular maintenance and care, or replacement if needed.

Pool filters are arguably the most essential accessory in a swimming pool, and most will not even consider it an accessory, but an indispensable part of the pool. A filter in a swimming pool decided how clean and healthy the water in the pool will be, and thus it is essential to have one which works effectively and efficiently. Installing a filter is not enough, it is equally important to maintain it well in order to make it function properly. Proper care and maintenance will not only ensure a very effective filter, but also increase its lifespan.

Pool filters are of three types – sand filters, filter cartridges and Diatomaceous Earth filters. Of these, cartridge filters are the most popular ones. This type of filter features a removable cartridge in it and is capable of clearing impurities as little as 10 microns in size. Cartridges offer the best ratio of cost to efficiency and therefore are the most preferred ones. They are also very robust and durable and incur lesser cost on its owner while exhibiting a high level of effectiveness.

The best part about a pool cartridge is that it is fairly simple to clean. It can be done by a simple backwashing by a garden hosepipe. However, in some cases, the cartridge may require a more thorough cleaning when there is grime and debris composed of oils, lotions, hair, dry leaves, etc.  Such debris can cause clogging of the cartridge and hence prevent it from functioning to its maximum capacity. Also, sometimes there are chemical impurities which do not go by regular cleaning. Hence, chemical cleaners may be needed in such a case, for example, Muriatic Acid for Calcium deposits.

Regular maintenance and proper care of the cartridge filters will not only ensure a better functioning filter that is highly effective and efficient, but also increase the lifespan of the cartridge. However, once the cartridge becomes prone to clogging and requires very frequent cleaning, or does not function well even after cleaning it thoroughly, it may no longer be usable. Such a cartridge should be immediately replaced in order to keep the water of the pool clean. In case there are budget constraints, you could also go for cheap pool filters cartridges that are low in price but excellent in quality. Replacing the cartridge will add new life to the filter and the water in the swimming pool will remain fresh and clean, no matter what.

A clean and healthy swimming pool is what every person taking a plunge in it expects. This can only be achieved by a good filtration system in the swimming pool, which in turn is achieved by a properly functioning and efficient filter cartridge. Be sure to clean it regularly and in case it is needed, replace the pool cartridge now in order to enjoy a fresh bath in a clean pool.