Filters made of cartridge as their filtering medium requires minimum maintenance and it is hard to beat them in terms of maintenance. They are also ingeniously designed with a greater surface area and a capability to run at lower pressure. So they exert less backpressure on pumps. Thus the flow and turnover increases. They should be cleaned once or twice in a season by making use of a hose. The cartridge element is capable of trapping debris as small as 10 to 15 microns.

It is a very safe method to make use of cartridge filters to enhance pool’s cleanliness. Using sand or cartridge type filters can be very cumbersome at times as they require backwashing and refilling of filters with DE substances. But then using a Hayward cartridge filter can very rewarding as this type of filters make use of cartridges that are fiber pleated. All kinds of dirt are trapped on its surface as the water percolates through the sieves of the cartridge medium.

When it comes to cleaning the cartridge pool filter accessories, it is easy with the installation of replacement filter parts that relieves pool users from the pain of cleaning their clogged cartridges. However, spaying water from a garden hose can also be very vital for executing the cleaning processes. Then the cartridges can be reinstated having released all the unwanted impurities that are clogged on its surface. There are various other means of cleaning cartridges. They can be immersed in solutions of muriatic acids and chlorine which is important to sort out sticky substances from the exposed surface of its cartridge.