Spas have been greatly benefited with the use of cartridge filters as inspirational Spa products. This has solved the long lingering need of constant use of a spa after it is being used once or twice. The latest equipments have made it possible to use Spa and hot tub without breaks, as clean jets of water get released due to the installation of new products like cartridge filters. The water used in tubs then become the source of refreshment and leaves people energized.

The installation of cartridges have paved the way for constant use of spas as there is no need of cleaning Spa parts every-time it is being used. The cartridges present in the filter prevent contaminated water from getting released in spas. Impurities are filtered on the surface of the cartridge in use. It is a porous filament that allows only water to pass through its sieves and restricts the flow of all other substances. So, when such a clean water stream is maintained, it is very obvious that the Spa in use does not get littered or stained. So, there is no need to brush or scrub its surface after use. Master spas and Dimension one spas filter are very much in use these days.

The cleaning and installation processes of the cartridge filters are also simple. The equipment is installed in specially built cavities of Spas. Here, they remain covered by lids. So, whenever the cartridge gets coagulated with impurities, the lid has to be opened and the filter removed for cleaning. Water and muriatic acid are sufficient agents for cleaning of clogged filters.