Long lines of wrinkles and deep crevices are found in pools that are not well looked after. In such situations, users might think of draining out the water and using some kind of scrub or brush to clean the scaled surface of the pool. But even brushing does not work every-time as deep stains are hard to get rid of. Then you may have to use chlorine tablets and Chloramines to remove the stains. But then using Chloramines too disturbs the chlorine concentration of the pool. Thence you may have to use cyanuric acid so as to maintain the chlorine balance of your swimming pool. So, the complications keep on mounting. What I would advice is to install cartridge filters once your pool is all set to start using. This will completely annihilate the accumulation of dirt. Such filters also work well for spas. Marquis Spas and Cal Spas would be very good for meeting the cleaning demands.

As the filters are mandatory for addressing the critical cleaning issues of your pool and spa, I have no doubt in revealing to you that good manufacturers like Doughboy and Jandy should be relied upon and their products installed in your pool. This would en-sue the cleaning process and ensure pool safety. Then you can spend time in the pool water without bothering about the chlorine concentration going higher or the pH balance getting disturbed. The reason is dirt particles are trapped on the cartridge surface used in filters and this really abandons the need of chemicals and acids to keep your pool-water clean.