When using cartridge filters, the facility that is being provided is when water passes through its sieves, the cartridge element holds back impurities that remain in water of pools. As the impurities get screened out, it becomes essential to clean them on a regular basis. This is done by flushing with clean jets of water on a regular basis. Regular cleaning drastically improves efficiency of pool filters. The normal method is to remove cartridge, then rinse it in muriatic acid and wash it with water.

It is a privilege to have a cartridge filter of brands like Intex and gulf coast spas installed in swimming ponds. The reason is such cleaning equipments make it very easy to keep ponds clean. So, it opens the opportunity for family members to spend time in togetherness in their backyard pond. Swimming pool presence at home is thus made very enjoyable.

This new form of pool filter is affordable and once installed it serves as a very important pool part. Another important part of swimming water body is a pump. This accessory circulates water and as a result better filtration takes place. Dirt and debris, hence, get clogged and removed from the water in use. The Intex filter ensures that it holds back all form of dirt particles that the pump throws in it.

Some swimming pool users are also found to use other maintenance kits for cleaning of ponds. But they too have realized after installing cartridge filters that other cleaning accessories are unnecessary. Regular maintenance of ponds become possible and laborious cleaning methods can be avoided.