An Intex cartridge filter or an Astral pool filter has some secrets that enforce pool cleaning and can really change things for pool users. It is a big success for it keeps pools safe and sound and eliminates particles that contaminate pool systems. This it mainly does with the use of cartridges that serve as potential mediums for the coagulation of dirt and impurities that are found in the water used in pool systems.

It is the significant use of cartridge medium that serves as a porous substance meant for the passage of water molecules only. The residual substances found in water are coagulated and deposited on the cartridge element of the filtering systems. These impurities can then be removed by either washing with chlorine or cleaning with muriatic acids. The use of water to flush out impurities is considered mandatory. However, there is also a second option whereby coagulated cartridges can be replaced with new ones belonging to brands like Jandy, Intex, Jacuzzi and others.

The launch of this new filter has significantly changed pool filtration methods. Now, just cleaning the filter on a regular basis is found sufficient for maintenance of pools. There is no need of back-washing pond systems anymore. This has become a marvel for pool users as they are very much enthused about this new development. It has now become a craze to install the cartridge filters for they serve as potential clean agents. There is no need to buy any other cleaning equipment having installed this modern filter.