One doesn't have to be a spa expert to know that cleanliness and clarity of water is the topmost priority for anyone who owns a spa. While many spa owners believe that spa maintenance takes a lot of time and effort, it actually doesn't provided you know what to do and when to do it. Having cloudy or green water in spa and neglecting it is analogous to inviting skin problems for those who use the spa, not to mention that a spa with dirty water looks disgusting.

Cartridge Filter for Spa
Regardless of its quality, your hot tub will not be able to give you the best experience unless the water in it gets properly filtered – even those using Dynasty hot tub parts rely on an efficient spa filtration system. A good filter not only ensures a trouble-free spa experience but also increases the longevity of your hot tub.

As far as the choice of spa filters is concerned, cartridge filter proves to be the best option. Not only is it easy to install this type of filter but also its operation is simple which makes it convenient for first-timers to use it. Also, these filters do not require frequent backwashing, unlike the other types of spa filters namely sand filters and DE filters.

Maintenance of cartridge filters constitutes two major routines namely backwashing and deep-cleaning. Prolonged use of a cartridge filter causes dirt to accumulate on it – it thus needs to be backwashed on a fortnightly basis. Backwashing refers to the process of removing the filter cartridge and rinsing it with a garden hose. Here, the water pressure needs to be kept optimal so that the dirt particles do not get pushed further inside the cartridge. Deep-cleaning however takes a longer time as the cartridge filter is first soaked in a non-foaming cleaning solution overnight and then scrubbed gently with a brush next morning.

Replacement of cartridge filters too is necessary in certain cases. Sometimes the cartridge may develop cracks or tears due to prolonged use. A damaged cartridge filter hampers the efficiency of spa filtration. It is thus better to replace it.

Recommended Product:

Using SeaKlear Natural Clarifier (Unicel SKP-C-Q) is certainly the best way to treat cloudy water in your spa. It is safe to use this product with any sanitizer. It rids the spa water from organic impurities such as lotions and oils, thus preventing the accumulation of scum in it. Having an all-natural formula free from any thickeners, this clarifier proves to be eco-friendly. Owing to its electrical charge and exceptional molecular shape, this clarifier can trap metallic particles such as those of copper manganese and iron. It plays a vital role in improving spa filtration.