Swimming pools are often confronted by pollution that gets introduced into pond water due to dirty matter carried into the ponds when it rains or when people use the pool for swimming purposes. As the pond environment gets polluted, it becomes difficult to remove polluting elements from the water that is in use. This is because bacteria, algae and all other forms of micro-organisms accumulate in the water of ponds. A very effective solution then is to make use of a cartridge filter to get pollutants trapped and removed from unclear pool water.

Using a Baker Hydro Cartridge filter or Waterway pool filter accessory resolves all problems associated with pond systems. Purification really starts happening as the cartridge element withdraws out unwanted particles from the water of swimming pools. The pollutants include dust, leaves, pollen, chemical wastes, spores, bacteria and so on. Pollutants introduced by swimmers are sweat, suntan oils, bacteria, viruses, etc. All these elements get trapped on the surface of the filtering element used in cartridge filters. The filtering element is made up of polyester based filament like polyethylene that has fine pores.

Initially, large particles up-to 20 microns or above start depositing on pores of the cartridge surface. This then follows up with the deposition of tiny particles ranging from 5 to 10 microns. The impurity pile then builds up within the filter. This then requires cleaning that is done by flushing with water. Stains are removed with the use of muriatic acid solution. Replacement of cartridge is another good option that this filter glorifies. Option is open to users for both cleaning and replacement.