When to Clean A Pool-Spa Filter Cartridge

Swimming pool maintenance is not exactly rocket science, but it still requires undivided attention of pool owners – they often make the mistake of ignoring faulty parts of their pool equipment and end up wasting a lot of time and money in dealing with problems. Needless to say, water filtration system is the most important part of a swimming pool. It maintains the cleanliness and clarity of pool water thus ensuring the safety of those who use the pool. It goes without saying that the water in one's swimming pool should be given the same importance as that given to drinking water in his/her home.

Everyone wishes to have a top-notch water filtration system in his or her swimming pool. For this reason, a large number of pool owners go for a cartridge filter. When compared to the other types of pool filters that are a sand filter and DE filter, cartridge filters prove to be better in many aspects. Easy installation is the first advantage of these filters. Furthermore, they can be operated without any hassle. Another major plus of cartridge filters is that they do not need to be backwashed as frequently as other types of filters do.

So far we talked about the benefits offered by cartridge pool filters – it is also necessary for a pool owner to know how this filter works and when to replace your filter cartridge.

The functionality of a  pool filter cartridges mainly depends on its cartridge. Basically, a cartridge is a cylindrical object having numerous pleats. Made from a sturdy material such as high-quality polyester, these pleats act as a filtering media. Dust particles, algae and any other impurities in pool water get trapped between these pleats. As the cartridge continues to trap dirt it's filtering efficiency increases because the gap between its pleats decreases allowing it to trap smaller particles. The trapped dirt is later removed when the cartridge is backwashed or deep-cleaned.

Due to the extensive use of a filter cartridge, its maintenance becomes a necessity. It needs to be backwashed once in every two weeks – deep-cleaning can be carried out once in every three months. In case your filter cartridge is damaged or if it has been used for about a year, you need to replace it. For this purpose, it is advisable to choose high-quality products such as Jandy Pool Filter Cartridge Replacement.