Swimming pool filters play a vital role in maintaining the hygiene and sanitation of your pool water and make them clear of all sorts of debris and dirt. There are several types of pool filters available in the market but the two most common and simple types of filters include sand and cartridge filters. While both the filters sieve debris particles down to 10-40 microns, yet cartridge filters function more efficiently than sand filters.

Cartridge filters seizes about twice as much dirt and contaminants as a sand filter. Since cartridge filters have a larger surface area as compared to the sand ones, water flows freely through the cartridge element to efficiently capture dirt and debris of all sizes than sand filters. Cartridge filters not just require less frequent maintenance but completely abolishes the need for backwashing as required in sand filters. Cartridge filter maintenance requires removing the cartridge and simply rinsing off with water. Finally, the filtering element is sun dried and placed back into the filter housing.

Although both sand and cartridge filters are superb options for your above ground pool, yet each have their own set of benefits. While sand filters could prove to be an economical choice, cartridge filters have proved to be a better option with better filtration ability and are convenient to maintain.

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