cantar-poolYour swimming pool is your ultimate source of fun and relaxation. You can take a dip in the cool and refreshing water of your pool after a tiring long day and spend leisure time with your friends and family members besides the pool side. However, if you wish to enjoy un-interrupted fun and enjoyment from your pool, you got to ensure its regular and proper maintenance. This would require installing superior quality pool products that can keep your pool up and running all year long.

Pool products including pool filters, heaters, solar reels, solar blankets, pool cleaners, plumbing equipment’s and many more are necessary to keep your pool water clean, hygienic and crystal clear. Cantar a leading manufacturer of pool products manufactures above ground steel pools, covers and accessories, and pool equipment’s such as pumps, filters systems, lights, vacuums, automated controls, skimmers, and main drains. Founded in 1968 and based in Toronto, Canada, Cantar Pool Products Limited operates as a subsidiary of Polyair Inter Pack Inc.

While Cantar pool filter cartridges trap all sorts of contaminants from pool water making it clean and hygienic, the pool pump functions to circulate the water through the filters that remove the impurities. Pool pumps from this brand are designed to ensure optimum flow of water, by minimizing turbulence and noise thereby ensuring great energy efficiency.

While products like pool heaters from this brand function to offer perfect pool water temperature all year long, pH balancing and pool shocking chemicals maintain the pH balance of water so as to keep your pool free from all sorts of contaminants and bacteria.

Additionally, other pool products such as floor cleaning systems, plumbing system, and more from this brand have proved to be highly efficient as they provide results that could not be matched by products of other brands.

At Pool Filters, you can avail wide range of pool products from different brands and manufacturers. Products offered by us are available in different sizes and configurations to meet the different needs of pool owners. Besides affordable pricing, we offer warranty on all our products.