Bull Frog Spa Filters Offering Clean and Sanitized Hot Tub Experience

bullfrog spaEach person has a different reason to own a spa. While some want a spa for health reasons, there are few who wish to owe one for social reasons or for improving the aesthetic and functional design of their backyard. Whatsoever may be the reason, a spa offers innumerable benefits that owners might not have expected. Bull Frog Spas due to their outstanding features such as Patented Jet pack therapy system, energy efficient pumps, and filtration system have become the most reliable and preferred hot tub spa used worldwide.

Since, crystal clear water is what every spa owner seeks, it is important to ensure proper spa water filtration. Bullfrog’s Filtration system helps you maintain clean and hygienic water in your hot tub without any hassles. This particular spa makes use of a dual filter system for ultimate filtration efficiency. The filtration system of Bull Frog spa is designed in a way that all of the water in the spa is filtered out.

Since, both filters are disposable; the need of filter cleaning is ruled out. All what is required is simple replacement with a compatible filter that offers performance at par with the original ones. It is suggested to replace the filter cartridge every 1-2 years or when required. To sustain warranty protection, only genuine Bullfrog Filter Cartridge should be used.

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