Jacuzzi Brothers Replacement Pool Filters

Enjoying a relaxed evening in your hot tub spa after spending a whole long day in the chilly biting Canadian winters is what every tired body seeks. Besides the tensed muscles, a person's mind as well as spirits are rejuvenated. Over the years, use of hot tubs have increased prominently and so have the number of manufacturers. In fact, the market is flooded with providers of spas and hot tubs and thus it becomes difficult to select the best amongst them. Blue Ridge Spas by Jacuzzi have become a name in itself due to its advanced design, great performance and durability.

Maintaining your Blue Ridge Spa is of paramount importance to enjoy maximum fun and health benefits out of it. Your spa maintenance regime includes cleaning the spa surface, replacing spa water every thirty to ninety days depending upon your spa usage. Besides this it is important to maintain an unclogged filtering system. This ensures maximum performance for hydrotherapy jets, but also allows for uninterrupted and hassle free filtration. The filters of these spas is recommended to be cleaned once a week.

A spa water filtering system may become clogged with dirt, debris or calcification that prevents the free flow of water. Filter cleaning can be done by removing and soaking the filtering element in a filter cleaning solution to dissolve stubborn contaminants such as oil and grime followed by flushing the filter pleats with a garden hose. However, the need for filter replacement depends on the the appearance of calcification on the filter and the mineral or body oil content in the water. If a calcification appears on the filter, replacement can be opted for.

Replacing your Blue Ridge Spa filters with a compatible filter is a perfect alternative as a clogged and worn-out filter is sure to put undue pressure on the pump, which if damaged require to be replaced. This in turn could turn out to be an expensive affair. So, to ensure proper maintenance of your Blue Ridge Spas by Jacuzzi, compatible filters from reputed brands such as Unicel, Pleatco and Filbur should be installed.

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