Blue Ridge Spa Filters for Enjoying Un-interrupted Spa Experience

blue ridge spa filtersKeeping in view the growing demand for hot tub spas, the hot tub industry has witnessed phenomenal growth in the recent times. The rise in demand could be attributed to the wide range of benefits including both therapeutic as well as non-therapeutic ones. Blue Ridge Spas has created a standing of quality, value and reliability for itself and are thus considered to be the best spa manufacturing brand in the industry.

However, to ensure that your Blue Ridge Spa continues to offer similar level of performance over the years, it is important to ensure its regular and proper maintenance. Nothing is more important than the filtration system of your spa as it is the one that can keep the spa water free from all sorts of contaminants. It thus becomes extremely important to ensure proper maintenance of the spa filter as a soiled, clogged or worn-out spa filter will fail to filter contaminants effectively.

Moreover, old worn out filters put un-necessary strain on your spa's pump and other equipment, which can result in reduced water circulation and increased energy consumption. So, make sure you clean your filter every time water in your spa is changed. Besides this also ensure that annual replacement of filters is made so as to ensure un-interrupted performance from your spa.

Blue Ridge spa filters feature Antimicrobial protection in reinforced end caps that provide protection from bacteria and mold. This protection prolongs the life of the cartridge structure and functions to inhibit odour and filter clogging, for an improved filtration system.

Besides this, the spa filters feature sharp pleats that reduce pleat flutter while ensuring optimal flow of water. Moreover, the use of 100 per cent Reemay spun bound polyester filter make them all the more reliable.

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