You are a proud owner of a spa but find it difficult to maintain your possession? The water of the spa should be purified on a regular basis to remove unwanted impurities that might cause ill health. Blue Ridge Spas by Jacuzzi brings all your worries to an end. Various products having different specifications are available and you can choose the best product according to your requirement. Let us have a look at a few products:

Jacuzzi Filters

Unicel C-4324: Purify the water of your spa with this product that has specifications of Filbur # FC-0187, Pleatco # PGS25, Unicel # C-4324 and can comply with OEM # PTL 20HS. This filter is used by many spa owners as it is durable, handy and can easily handle a top load of 25 square foot. The length of the filter is 9 ¾” and its width is 4 5/8”. Making it easy to use is the molded cone on the top and the 1 9/10” hole at the bottom. This filter is best suited for Down east spas, Quantum Spas and Gatsby Spas to name but a few.

Unicel C-5625: The best way to purify the water of the spa is by installing a filter. This replacement filter has specifications of Pleatco # PJ25-IN-4, Filbur # FC-1425, OEM # 42-2891-08-R and Unicel # C-5625. This is an ideal choice for your spa as its length is 13” and the width is 5”. The top and the bottom of the filter has two holes measuring 2 3/8” each. It is an ideal choice for Sundance Spas, Seven Seas Spas, Emerald Spas and many more.

Unicel 6CH-47: Having technical specifications of Pleatco PTL47W-P, OEM 03FIL1500, Unicel 6CH-47 and Filbur FC-0315, this replacement filter cartridge is one of the best filters available. This easy to handle filter's top has a semi circular handle. The length of the filter is 9 1/8" and the width is 6”. This is a perfect option for Echo series, After Hour Spas, Hydro Spa etc.

Unicel C-5601: Purifying the water of the spa is an essential task. Blue Ridge Spas by Jacuzzi have a wide range of products. You can choose from the various products according to your requirements. This replacement filter comes with specifications that replace Pleatco # PJW23, OEM # 43-2954-01-R, Filbur # FC-1330 and Unicel # C-5601. The filter is capable of handling a top load of 25 sq. ft.