Your spa or swimming pool is your prized possession. It thus becomes absolutely important to install spa or swimming pool that can offer you years of fun and entertainment. Blue Ridge one of the reputed manufacturers of spa are designed using most superior quality materials that make them preferred choice amongst pool owners.

However, it is important to understand that to make the most from your pool, it becomes essential to ensure their overall maintenance. Whether you wish to use a pool or spa for personal use or family get together such as pool parties, your Blue Ridge Spa require to be kept clean not just to enjoy years of hassle-free fun and enjoyment but to ensure a safe and hygienic swimming environment.

Getting the right kind of pool filter plays a significant role in keeping your pool or spa water free from all sorts of contaminants. Though, three main and popular pool filters are available, you need to keep in mind the functionality as well as cost effectiveness before you select one for your Blue Ridge pool/spa.

Pool Filter

Your Blue Ridge spa or pool filter releases clean and sanitized pool water by trapping all sorts of dirt and contaminants from the water. These filters thus require to be maintained in order to ensure years of trouble free operation. However, over a period of time, your filter is susceptible to get worn-out, which results is deteriorated level of performance.

In fact, a worn-out and clogged filter could put undue pressure on the pump, replacing which can turn out to be an expensive affair. This is when replacing your filter with a compatible one becomes important. Replacement filter cartridge for Blue Ridge Pool and spa has specifications similar as Unicel # C-7699, Pleatco # PFAB100, and Filbur # FC-1950. Built using high-grade materials, these filter cartridge has the ability to manage top load of 100sq ft. They are easy to install and maintain and provides crystal clear and sanitized water for your pool and spa.

So, enjoy and make the most of your Blue ridge pool and spa by installing superior quality filters.