Bid Goodbye to Cumbersome Pool Maintenance with Cartridge Filters

For regular pool maintenance, it is very important to look for certain signs or indications. Some signs which dictate that your pool needs immediate cleaning are clearly visible; for instance, if you notice a major difference in color of the water, it is quite obvious that you need to clean your pool. To begin with, cleaning always starts with chlorine. Chlorine is the basic chemical that is used in pool cleansing and it disinfects the pool, killing the disease causing germs, but chlorine should be appropriately mixed in the right amount as too much of it can leave the swimmers with irritation in eyes and skin, and can also cause fading in your swimwear.

To administer the level of chlorine, one can use the basic chlorine tablets. These tablets can also be installed in chlorine floaters which increase their effectiveness. You can also go for in-line and off-line chlorine feeders which are far more convenient than chlorine floaters. It has been reported by various pool owners that these floaters are definitely risky and shouldn’t be within the reach of little ones – on the other hand, these in-line chlorine feeders can be fitted within your plumbing system. But it is important to know that no amount of chlorine can be a substitute for swimming pool filters. Consider these tips before chlorinating a swimming pool.

If one is pining for a convenient and hassle-free pool maintenance, then it is advisable to go for pool filter cartridges as they are comparatively easier to maintain and clean. Jandy Zodiac filter cartridges are popular amongst pool owners for their superior quality.

It is Very Simple to Clean a Cartridge Filter and Can be Done in Three Easy Steps

Cartridge Filters

  • Backwashing- This should be carried out after every fifteen days and requires thorough rinsing of your filter with a garden hose. But it should be carried out with ease as applying too much pressure may push the dust particles deeper inside the cartridge.
  • Soaking and scrubbing- This should be carried out within every three months or if you notice some change in the color of your cartridge. One should soak the cartridge in a non-foaming solution and scrub it lightly with a brush.
  • Acid washing- Acid washing should be done only when required, and a cartridge should be thoroughly degreased before going through this process. It involves soaking your cartridge in a solution comprising of 20 parts of water and one part of muriatic acid.

Although regular cleaning has its pros, it doesn’t ensure that your cartridge won’t wear out in a year or two and it is always advisable to go for timely Jandy Pool Filter Cartridges products are best options to go for.