Begin Your Pool Maintenance with Backwashing

Most of the pool owners would that if the word agree “maintenance” is suffixed after “pool” or “spa” then it takes the fun and rejuvenation out of it. Pool maintenance is often neglected by pool owners and most of them limit this vast task to regular skimming. As a pool or spa owner, you should realize that regular skimming is necessary but in no way enough and maintenance of equipment is the most important step of pool maintenance.

Always start cleaning the pool from inside and end with surface cleaning i.e. begin with cleaning your equipments and end with surface cleaning such as tiles or covers. Cleaning your filter cartridge is necessary and it is a known fact that cartridge filters require low maintenance but that doesn’t mean you can conveniently forget to clean them. Cartridge filters can be cleaned by two easy processes-

  • Backwashing- This involves thoroughly rinsing the cartridge with a garden hose. This process gets rid of oil and lotion build-up and dust particles. While backwashing a cartridge, it should be kept in mind that you don’t put too much pressure on the surface as this may push the dust particles deeper inside the surface. If you are looking for a durable and an effective filter then Apollo Pool Filters are advisable.
  • Cleaning with a non-foaming solution- After every three months, a filter cartridge should be soaked in a non-foaming solution and this shouldn’t be replaced by any kind of detergent. Once you have soaked the cartridge, then you can scrub it with a brush. This is a more effective way of cleaning the cartridge.

It should be known that ever after adequate maintenance one simply cannot stretch the life of a cartridge and it will eventually wear out. This can be detected through broken pleats or change in the color of cartridge. If there is an irregular change in the filter pressure, then you should immediately wash the cartridge and if the change continues then go for replacement. Apollo Pool Replacement Filter is advisable because of ease of maintenance and effective cleaning.

Once, a filter has been cleaned then you can proceed to pumps which might be blocked by debris in your pool. Always keep your pool equipment in an excellent condition and pool maintenance will soon be a cake-walk. Online pool filter suppliers can also help you a great deal and have become immensely popular with various pool owners.