Task of swimming pool purification and maintenance was considered a troublesome work. But it is no longer the same case these days, thanks to the introduction of cartridge pool filters that have come to replace the traditional filters. In contrast to the old filtering systems that needed replacement and occupied huge space because of their usage of sand and DE as filtering medium, the new ones use cartridge for filtering and are highly effective in removing all kinds of impurities in the water. They come with evenly distributed pores that can deposit even the most microscopic particles on their filter surface. The effectiveness with which they purify swimming pool water, the ease of removing and cleaning clogged cartridges and the little space they require for installation makes them a perfect fit for swimming pool maintenance needs.

Cartridge Pool Filters

Cartridge filters are simple to install in pools

Compared to old filters that required a cumbersome process for installation, cartridge pool filters are easy to install. They come with plastic coating done on their interiors and are compact, thereby occupying little space. Moreover, they are portable. Before the installation, small pores are required to be made on the walls of the pool so that these cartridge filters can be easily fitted on the surface of these concrete walls. A wired lead is attached to these filters to give them extra protection. At the time of cleaning of these filters, wired lead have to be opened and then only filter can be moved out. Opt for the best quality filters from Unicel to ensure hassle-free installation in your pool.

Operating a cartridge filter entails no cost

If you think that enormous amount of electric power will be used for operating the cartridge filters in pool, as was the case with old traditional filtering systems then you are wrong. These new filters function automatically and on a continuous basis for as long as 24 hours without a break. Operating the filter comes with no extra cost. Only the replacement of the cartridge of the filter entails a cost. Moreover, if you choose highly durable and good quality cartridge filter from Unicel then you may not have to bear the replacement cost too as they last for a really long time.

Maintaining cartridge filters is easy

Clogged cartridges can be easily cleaned up and reused by following a few simple steps. Users of the swimming pool only need to open up the housing of the filter, take out the cartridge from its interior and then wash it off with water. Impurities coagulated in the filters can also be rinsed off by soaking them in muriatic acids that can break up minerals and kill living microbes. The filtering system need not have to be backwashed and refilled with depleted DE matter.

Enjoy enhanced effectiveness of filtering system that assures purified, clean water in the swimming pool and make the most of above benefits of cartridge filters over traditional filters by opting for Unicel products. It is a leading maker of finest quality swimming pool filter replacement cartridges that matches all your swimming pool maintenance and cleaning needs.