Backwash Your DE Filter the Right Way

The very thought of the scorching heat of summers makes us think of a swim in the pool. A swimming pool, however, comes with a whole set of maintenance requirements. Water cleanliness and clarity holds the top priority among these requirements. Unless the water in a pool is clean and properly sanitized, it is not advisable to swim in it. Swimming pool equipment thus comprises of several individual units including one specifically for water filtration. The better the quality of your pool filter is, the less likely are troubles regarding water quality.

Whatever be the type of pool filter you choose, the purpose remains the same that is to remove the impurities from pool water. Having a unique design, each filter comes with its own set of advantages. While cartridge filters are easy to install and maintain. DE Pool Filter Grids are known for their high efficiency in trapping debris. Similarly, sand filter offers a different set of benefits.

Every type of pool filter involves a specific maintenance routine. Certain tasks in the routine are common among all types. Backwashing, for instance, is carried out for all types of pool filters. The procedure for this task, however, varies among these types. In cartridge filters, backwashing refers to the rinsing of the filter cartridge with a high-pressure garden hose. DE filter, on the other hand, has filter grids as the primary component, and thus, the steps for backwashing this filter are different. The major steps have been explained below:

  • Switch off the power supply to the filtration system. Then turn the multiport valve to “backwash “ position” by twisting it carefully. Make sure you don't handle any part of your pool equipment roughly, especially the crucial components such as DE filter grids. For instance, one needs to be very careful while replacing Hayward filter grids.
  • Turn on the filtration system and run the filter for about two minutes. Ideally, it should take two minutes for the dirty water to flow out of the backwash valve.
  • Wait for two minutes after carrying out the previous step and turn off the filtration system again. Turn the multiport valve to “rinse” position and turn on the filtration system. Run the filter for one or two minutes.
  • Finally, turn off the system again and bring the multiport valve back to the “filter” position. Then turn on the filtration system and add more DE powder if needed.

With the above-mentioned steps implemented carefully, your DE filter will get backwashed properly.