Installation of a quality pool filter cartridge keeps the water of the swimming pool and spa purified and also helps in increasing the life of the pool. Once you buy pool filters, utmost care must be taken to maintain and clean them from time to time. Also, you must be careful that you do not over clean these pool filter cartridges, therefore, it is important to access when the pool or spa filters need to be cleaned. Below listed are a few points by which you can assess that its the right time to clean your filter:

  • When enough water does not flow out of your spa and into your pool.
  • When the jets placed in the spa do not work with the same power as they used to when installed.
  • When the pool vacuum does not move or moves at a slow pace.
  • When algae starts growing on walls and corners.
  • When the reading recorded on the pressure gauge is 10 PSI higher than the reading recorded after cleaning.

If you have observed any of the above mentioned indications, you should consider cleaning your filter. To start off with, back wash your spa or pool filter. It is important to back wash the filters as all the impurities like debris, soap pieces, leaves, dirt, hair etc. gets rinsed. However, back washing is not the ultimate solution to keep your pool or spa filter clean. Excessive back washing also causes wear and tear of the internal parts of the filter.

To clear off the large debris, soak the pool or spa filter cartridge in a cleaning solution and leave it for around two hours. This helps in removing dirt, oil and large debris that gets collected in the filter. Once this is done, back wash the filter again to rinse off the solution from the filter. Make sure you record the reading of the pressure gauge once you install the filter back into the pool or spa. Lower the pressure, better circulation of water in the pool or spa takes place.

By keeping a check of the above mentioned factors, you can clean the pool and spa filter at the right time and increase the life of your filter.