Maintenance of a swimming pool involves multiple concerns, most important among which is the cleanliness of the pool. The pool filtration system takes care of this concern. Due to the ease of installation, use, and maintenance, cartridge pool filters are preferred over other kinds of pool filters. The functionality of these filters primarily depends on the efficiency of their cartridges. Pleats, filter media and end caps are the main parts that constitute a cartridge. While the filter media and pleats are responsible for effective filtration of pool water, the end caps provide support to the pool filter.

Analyze Your Pool Filter Cartridges

Before you decide to buy filter cartridges from a particular brand, you need to properly analyze those cartridges. Here are some important factors you need to consider. Take a look at these.

It is very important to note the technical specifications of the filter cartridge you intend to buy. There are different kinds of swimming pools, each having a different filtration system and each needing specific cartridges. It is better to choose a cartridge that is best-suited for the filtration system of your swimming pool. A large number of pool owners choose Unicel pool filter products because of their compatibility with numerous filtration systems.

Ease of Installing and Using the Cartridge:
Cartridge filters are easy to install and use. The filter cartridge you choose should offer the same convenience. Make sure you can easily fit it into the filter, as well as remove it without any trouble. Moreover, the cartridge needs to be strong and sturdy. When it comes to durability, swimming pool experts largely recommend Filbur products.

The minimal maintenance is a major advantage of cartridge filters over sand filters and DE filters. A good quality cartridge requires deep cleaning only thrice in a season and a normal cleaning cleaning session once in two to three weeks. If the cartridge needs to be cleaned or replaced too often, either the swimming pool is handling too much load or the cartridge is not good enough. Maintaining a high standard of quality for many years, Pleatco products have gained the trust of many pool owners across the world.