When a pool owner invests a good amount of money in buying a pool, he wishes to enjoy its benefits for a long period, but this is possible only when utmost care is taken of the pool from time to time. Installing a well-designed filter solves half the problem and the rest half gets solved by proper maintenance of the pool. Since the market is flooded with various options of pool filters, one often tends to get confused while making a choice. Pentair pool filter cartridge is one of the highly recommended pool filters as it has some amazing features that perform purification in the best possible manner. You can choose the type of filter (sand, cartridge or D.E.) according to your requirement. Let us have a look at some of the features of this filter:

  • All-in-One: Investing in a Pentair pool filter cartridge is a wise decision as these cartridges are created using the latest technologies, deliver excellent performance, are reasonably priced and easy to maintain.
  • Better Filtration: A better filtration process takes place as a strong fiberglass polypropylene tank and a manual air relief valve having high flow work together in an uninterrupted environment supplying internal air relief. This helps in removing the excess air and enables better functioning of the filter.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain: The cartridges of these filters are easy to handle and can be removed and cleaned easily. Also, you need not use any special cleaning techniques as the filter can conveniently be cleaned with the help of a garden hose.
  • Long-lasting: Even though the life of a filter depends on the frequency at which a pool is used, the average life of a Pentair pool filter is 2-5 years, after which it needs to be replaced. When the filter stops functioning efficiently, you need not change the entire filter, instead, you can opt for a replacement pool filter cartridge and keep your pool water clean.
  • Large Surface Area: These filters have a larger surface area than the normal sand filters, thus they keep clogging to the minimum and purify the water of the pool in a better manner. The special filter elements easily catch hold of the impurities present in the water, leaving the water crystal clear.
  • Wide Variety: A pool owner can note down his requirements and select a pool filter of any size and any specification, according to the needs.

With the above mentioned features, Pentair filters have made a place in the list of most desirable filters.