The technology that cartridge filter has introduced for cleaning swimming pools is found to be very advantageous due to the high porosity and the distilling strength that it puts forth. The polyester membrane brought to use for keeping ponds clean has great filtering capacity. The reason is it is made up of tiny pores that can withhold dirty particles even if they are microscopic in size.

This amazing filtering equipment has an outer plastic body and an inner cartridge filtering medium. The cleaner is portable built and this is what facilitates its easy installation in any type of pool. Users just need to build some concrete slabs on the walls of swimming pools so that the filter can be fitted easily. A Waterway pool filter or a Doughboy cleaner can then be fitted with much ease on the surface of ponds.

The accessory does not require power supply for its operation. It functions on a continual basis with pumps facilitating to circulate water used in ponds. So, as the water passes through the filtering medium, impurities get trapped on the surface of cartridges. This process of coagulation continues and dirt keeps piling up within the filter. Henceforth, the filter needs cleaning and the washing is done by flushing the cartridge with jets of pure water. Sometimes muriatic acid is also brought to use to remove sticking impurities.

This pool cleaning accessory also provides the option of replacement whereby dirt-ridden filtering medium can be changed and replaced with fresh cartridges. It saves the users from the exertion of washing their clogged filters.