Whether the latest gadgets are mentioned or not, swimming pools are definitely on the purchase list of most people today. While a luxury like a swimming pool certainly makes an impressive style statement, it is more of a need these days. With the summers coming back and the temperatures reaching their peak once again, everybody needs a cool swimming pool to refresh the body and relax the senses, not to mention that swimming also happens to be an excellent exercise that rids your body from excess calories.

Benefits of owning a swimming pool are many and most people already know about those. The real task, however, is to choose the right type of swimming pool. As a matter of fact, this choice comes before the selection of pool filters or any other equipment related to the pool.

Swimming pools are normally classified into two types, namely above-ground pools and in-ground pools. The names clearly specify that the former is placed above the ground  while the latter is placed below the ground level. Choosing between these two types is not unlike picking one among multiple pool filters suppliers each of which has a unique set of advantages to offer. The following sections give an overview of both kinds of pools:

Above-Ground Pools

With above ground pools, the major advantage is that the installation time is shorter than that for in-ground pools. The time taken can vary from one day to several days depending on how long it takes to clear the area chosen for the pool and level it. Furthermore, there are other tasks such as erecting the pool, installing the liner and filling it with water, which can sometimes take longer than expected. If you are adding extra parts such as entry/exit steps, landscaping and fencing, it might take another day. Once you are done with these tasks, you have to buy pool filter products, sanitizers and other accessories.

Easy maintenance is another advantage of above-ground pools over in-ground pools. Being comparatively shorter in size and volume, above-ground pools comprise of small filters and pumps. You can thus easily take care of your pool filter cartridges or any other part of your pool equipment.

In-Ground Pools
Like above-ground pools, these too come with a set of advantages, effective maintenance being the most important among them. The filtration and circulation systems in these pools are larger in size when compared to those in above-ground pools. You can thus be assured of efficient cleaning. Other advantages include better appearance, liberty to attach waterfalls and spas with the pool and a beautiful match with landscaping.

While both of the above-mentioned types of pools are beneficial, you need to consider your needs and priorities before choosing one of these.