Aber Hot Tub Filters for Maintaining Hygiene and Sanitization of Water

hot-tub-filtersWhat more could a person ask for than a refreshing bath in the hot tub water after a chilling long day. Aber hot tubs are designed and built to highest standards to provide you with years of fun and relaxation. Since, a spa holds a relatively small amount of water as compared to a swimming pool, contaminants such as body oil, perspiration, dirt, hair, etc., may become quite concentrated.

Your hot tub water should be cleaned up and replaced regularly to ensure regular supply of fresh, clean and hygienic water. This requires installing high quality hot tub filters that would ensure regular flow of sanitized water. Popular cartridge filter replacements for Aber are the Unicel, Pleatco and Filbur that are designed as per OEM specifications and offer performance at par and at times even better than the original ones.

In order to ensure effective maintenance of hot tub water, your Aber hot tubs require regular filter maintenance.  When water flows through the fine polyester mesh of the filter, the suspended particles become trapped on its surface. It thus becomes important to remove the filter from the filter housing and clean the cartridge surface. It is recommended to clean the filtering element every 4 to 6 weeks, depending onusage and water quality.

Cleaning is accomplished by washing all the entrapped dirt from the filter with the help of a medium-pressure nozzle. However, to ensure that the cartridge gets free from all sorts of grime, oils from its surface, it should be soaked for 3-6 hours overnight in a filter cleaner solution.

Aber hot tub filters feature antimicrobial protection that inhibits the growth of microbes that can cause stains, odours and fouling of the filter. Besides this sharp pleat folds prevent pleat flutter and premium core with thermally bonded end caps help in optimum flow of water.

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