Pool owners need to use high-quality equipment such as Intex pool filters type A or B. The following blog provides useful information for upgrading Intex pool filters.

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Majority of pool owners today have switched from sand and DE filters grids to cartridge filters, mainly due to the ease of installation cleaning and maintenance. Use of high-quality pool filters is an indispensable need for swimming pools. Intex Type A pool filters are popular choice among pool owners. In aspects  of both efficiency and durability, these filters are considered to be one of the best. There are multiple types of Intex pool filters cartridge.

Whichever Intex pool filters type you choose, you need to follow a regular cleaning and servicing routine to maintain it in the best condition. Sometimes you may notice that your pool filter gets exhausted too often. This can be a sign that your filter needs an upgrade.

Following section gives some useful advice for upgrading Intex Type A pool filters:

Install a Bigger Filtration System

A larger filtration system is more efficient than a smaller one. It is thus better to choose a bigger Intex pool filter while going for an upgrade. Having pool water over-filtered eliminates the possibility of problems with filtration system. Following are some major benefits of using a large pool filter:

  • Larger surface area of filter improves the cleaning process.
  • Troubles such as cloudy or green pool water, calcium deposits and algae accumulation can be avoided.
  • With a large filter, you will need a bigger pump. This pump makes vacuuming a lot easier.
  • A bigger pool filter facilitates better suction and circulation of pool water.
  • A greater volume of water gets filtered in an hour.

 Intex pool filters can easily be purchased online. You just need to place an order depending on the specifications you want.

Recommended Product

To maintain the cleanliness and clarity of water in a swimming pool, one needs to replace pool filter cartridges regularly. Unicel C 4607 is a suitable replacement cartridge for this purpose. 8 inches long and 4 1/4 inches wide, this cartridge conforms to technical specifications OEM # PC7-120, Filbur # FC-3710 and  Pleatco # PC7-120. It features 1 15/16 inch open holes at top and bottom. Having quality filter media, this cartridge effectively traps dust particles and other debris in pool water.