A Guide to Repairing Leaks in Pool Pumps

Leaks in the pool pump are a common trouble in swimming pools. Initially, the pump needs troubleshooting so that the source of the leak can be found. Following that, the gasket or O-ring of the pump is replaced with a new one.

Find the Source of the Leak

One needs to troubleshoot the pool pump to determine the source of leaks in it. Following procedure needs to be followed for that:

  • Remove the cover the timer box of the pump. Do the same with the filter and then start the motor.
  • Carefully note the pipe connection and look for any leaks. With a pipe wrench and adjustable pliers, tighten the pipe connection. On one side of the connection, attach the wrench as a backup. Then use the pliers to fasten the fittings.
  • Observe the point of attachment between the motor and the basket housing. This is the most common leakage spot. If you notice any leaks, switch off the motor. Then disconnect the electricity supply.

Replace the Motor Gasket

If source of leaks lies in the motor gasket or O-ring, a replacement is necessary. Following are the detailed steps for that.

  • Check the pipes of the filter and pump, and close the inlet and outlet valves of these pipes. Doing this helps to avoid the back-flow of water while repairing the pump.
  • Use a ratchet, socket or open-end wrench to loosen the bolts on the motor mount. Remove the bolts to detach the motor. Keep the bolts safe. Instead of lifting up the motor, pull it out straight away. Lifting up the motor may cause damage to the impeller.
  • The opening of the motor housing has a rim on which the motor gasket is fitted. Remove the gasket, and apply some grease on the rim. Adjust the holes on the replacement gasket so that they are aligned with the holes in which the bolts are to be fitted. Press the replacement gasket so that it fits tightly. The O-ring can be replaced in a similar manner.
  • Finally put the bolts back in place to attach the motor.

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