A Glance at How Rec Warehouse Filter Cartridges Work

Rec Warehouse filter cartridges are known for their durability and top-notch performance. Read on to know they work together with the pump to keep the water of the swimming pool/spa crystal clean.

Owning a swimming pool or a spa is nothing less than a luxury, but one can enjoy maximum benefits of this luxury, only when proper care of the same is taken. A filter is one of the most vital elements of the circulatory system of the spa or pool. The filter and the pump work together and keep the water of the swimming pool/ spa free from impurities. Let us have a look at how these work, and why is it important to install a filter in the swimming pool/ spa:

Need for Filter in a Swimming Pool / Spa

The water of the swimming pool or spa becomes dirty with your body oils, soap pieces, hair strands, dust, leaves and other impurities. Taking a dip into this dirty water can be extremely dangerous as this could harm the skin of the pool/ spa user. Thus, it is extremely important to install a high quality filter in your pool or spa. Filters from Rec Warehouse work efficiently for a long period of time and remove all the impurities from the water of the spa/ pool.

How Does the Filter and Pump Work Together?

It is extremely important to install both filter and pump in your swimming pool. The pump circulates the water of the pool/spa continuously and pushes the dirty water into the spa/ pool filter. It is here that the filter cartridge traps all the impurities present in the water and push the clean water back into the swimming pool/ spa. This clean water is once again circulated by the pump – the process keeps repeating till the entire water of the spa/ pool is purified. Also get tips on how long should i run my pool pump

Recommended Product:

When the filter cartridge stops working efficiently and it is time to replace the same, you must choose a product that can work as efficiently as the original filter cartridges. One great replacement choice is Unicel C-9402. This filter replacement cartridge is a perfect replacement for Pleatco # PWW100-4, OEM # 111832, and 817-0100, Filbur# FC-2965 and Pleatco # PWW100-4, Unicel # C-9402. The filter replacement cartridge is 19 5/16" in length and 9 15/16" in width and has the capability of handling a top load of 100 Sq. Ft. Also, the top of the cartridge comprises of a 5 13/16" open hole and the bottom of the cartridge constitutes of a 6 1/16” open hole.