It is going to take quite a long time for you to be finally ready with the plans for installing your first swimming pool. With thoughts of pumps, filters, and vacuums rushing through your mind, you will hardly have the time and patience to plan your backyard – it is still necessary to do so. Nobody likes to see a neat and clean swimming pool adjacent to an unsightly backyard  All your ideas about decorating your pool, regardless of how exceptionally impressive they are, will turn out to be useless if you fail to implement some good design ideas for your backyard as well.

Cool Pool & Cool Backyard

The reasons for considering backyard design while installing a swimming pool are quite simple, and the most important ones among them are:

  • A swimming pool casts a charm on spectators only when its visual appeal is beautifully complemented by that of the backyard.
  • With a messy or unhygienic backyard, you will only end up increasing the chances of pool water contamination, thus exerting an additional load on your pool filter. Be it Spa In A Box pool filter, or a filter from any other brand, it will work best only when the load of impurities is up to a certain limit.
  • Sometimes you might just want to sit beside your pool and relax instead of swimming in it. Such times won't be enjoyable with a poorly designed backyard.

Now that you know how important it is to have a smartly decorated backyard around your pool, it is time for you to implement some creative ideas for the same, such as the following:

Create a Patio:

Stepping into a messy backyard, you will only find gravel, grass and some sorts of dirt. You can, however, make a difference with a patio. It is basically an empty slate that can be filled with furniture and other accessories based on the lifestyle and taste of homeowners. Choice of accessories needs to be as good as that of your pool equipment. For instance, if you pick Spa In A Box pool filter cartridges, make sure you choose an equally reputed brand for the furniture in your backyard.

Choose Some Nice Shrubs and Plants:

With some beautiful plants and shrubs, you can not only add an appealing aspect to your backyard but also have a lot of greenery around your pool. You can either choose shrubs and plants on your own or consult an expert for the same.

Recommended Product:

While decorations around your swimming pool are important, it is actually the quality of your pool equipment that decides how long you can enjoy it without any trouble. This is where you need replacement filter cartridges such as Unicel C-2305. 2 3/4 inches wide and 5 1/8 inches long, this cartridge ensures complete hygiene in pool water by ridding it from all sorts of impurities. Featuring technical specifications Pleatco # PSB3.5, OEM # FC9903 and Filbur# FC-3120, this cartridge has 1 1/16 inch open holes at the top and bottom respectively.