A Chemical Free Alternative for Algaecides

No matter how many attractive features one appends to his/her residence, the appeal of a swimming pool is truly exceptional. With so many options for decorating the area around your swimming pool, such as placing table and chairs, arranging benches or simply maintaining some greenery with neatly trimmed bushes and shrubs, you can make your backyard look more impressive than ever.

While it's quite exciting to have a swimming pool, there are certain aspects of it that are not equally exciting. To serve you best for several years to come, every luxury requires proper maintenance and swimming pools are no different. Unless you the dedicate an ample amount of time and effort for taking care of your pool, the fun of swimming will not last long. You will rather be facing troubles that are much worse, such as dirty pool water which can not only ruin the appearance of your pool but can also cause diseases if people continue to swim in it. The best way to avoid such problems is to use quality pool care products right from the beginning. As far as pool water filtration is concerned, Jandy filter cartridges can be your best bet – the brand is one of the ace suppliers of products such as pool filters, cartridges as well as filter grids.

Among the several steps implemented for keeping a swimming pool in good condition, sanitization is an important one. It basically involves elimination of microbes such as bacteria and algae. The presence of these microbes will not only add a disgusting aspect to your pool but will also place those swimming in it at the risk of infections. Unfortunately, a pool filter cartridges alone cannot remove these microbes from your pool regardless of its ability to trap impurities such as dust particles and oils.

Algae particularly spoils swimming experience by accumulating on the walls and floor of your pool and making them slippery. This is why pool owners use algaecides – these are chemicals that specifically target pool algae and rid the pool water from those. Needless to say, the choice of algaecide needs to be as good as that of any other pool product. Just like you go for Jandy pool products, you need to find some reputed brands for algaecides as well. Make pool plan against algae. While algaecides are highly effective in killing algae, it is not advisable to use them too often. Algaecide like other chemicals can prove to be harmful to swimmers if present in excess. As a result, you will be left with another pool water trouble to deal with. Technology, however, has brought about an excellent alternative for algaecides. Pool owners today can use a new device that makes use of ultrasonic sound to kill algae. Hence, there are no worries chemical by-products while you are using such devices.