5 Effective Ways to Prevent Swimming Pool Evaporation

Is your swimming pool losing water even after you have repaired all the leaks and replaced the filter cartridge? Did you know that leaks and flawed filters are not the most common reason for losing water from a swimming pool?

The number one reason swimming pools lose water is evaporation.  Research done by the U.S. Department of Energy shows that evaporation is responsible for almost 70% of water loss in swimming pools.

But how can you avoid evaporation in swimming pools? Let’s take a look-

Losing Swimming Pool Water through Evaporation

Evaporation is a natural process which turns liquid into vapor. It occurs when water is exposed to air. This means that evaporation is affecting the water level of your swimming pool throughout the day and night.

Water molecules on the surface of the pool evaporate and turn into vapor, then the molecules below rise to the surface and evaporate in an endless cycle.

If the outside temperature is low and you have a heated pool, evaporation will be more rapid. This also contributes to loss of heat in the pool during cooler temperatures.

Are there ways to protect your pool from evaporation?  There are a few effective ways to tackle this problem. Five of the best ones are listed below-

1. Using a Solar Pool Cover

Apart from using high-quality pool and spa filter cartridges replacements, a very common pool maintenance tip you’ll come across is using a pool cover when the pool is not in use.  A good quality pool cover can help cut more than 95% of evaporation.

An added benefit to a pool cover is that it will also help in reducing the chemical and energy consumption of the pool by more than 50% by reducing chemical evaporation, reducing changes in temperature and preventing accumulation of debris.

2. Aqua Blankets or Liquid Pool Blankets

A rather modern method of preventing evaporation is using aqua or liquid pool blankets. These are alcohol-based products which you need to add to your pool water on a weekly basis. Popularly known as “solar blankets in a bottle”, they create a monolayer of water at the surface of the pool to cut the effect of evaporation.

These products do not modify the taste or odor of water in any way. While these blankets are indeed innovative, they are not as effective as solar blankets discussed above.

3. Turn OFF the Pool Water Features

This is especially true if the pool has features like laminar sprayers, waterfalls, fountains, or slides.  These features definitely add a lot of fun and beauty to the swimming pool, but they are also responsible for increasing the total amount of water exposed to sunlight and air at the surface of the pool. Increased exposure results in increased evaporation. So, a simple solution here is to turn off these features when not in use.

4.Reduce the Temperature of Pool Water

Another effective and simple way to reduce evaporation is to reduce the pool water temperature. When the water is warm, the molecules in it move faster and vaporize more easily as compared to colder water. This is especially true when the outside temperature is already low.

If the water is at a lower temperature, the molecules move slowly and help in reducing evaporation. Moreover, if you do not use the pool regularly, you can also keep the heater off and only use it when you’ll be using the pool.

5. Adding Windbreaks

Wind plays an important role in accelerating evaporation of your pool water. To prevent this problem, you can install a windbreak. It is a type of barrier which is installed around the pool to reduce the speed of the wind and minimize its ability to hit the pool surface directly.

This will not only help in reducing evaporation but will also prevent heavy winds to blow water outside the pool. Landscaping is a popular way of adding windbreaks near a swimming pool.


Evaporation is a natural process which results in water loss of several hundred gallons of water per year.  While improper filtration systems and leaks are common problems too, evaporation is responsible for the majority of water loss.

If you’ve installed Hayward pool filter cartridge replacements and all the leaks are repaired, it is time that you start implementing measures to prevent evaporation and reduce water loss. Try the solutions listed in this post and you’re sure to witness a considerable decrease in water loss and pool refills won’t be as frequent.