4 Tips to Choose the Right Filter Size for Your Swimming Pool

You need a pool filter for keeping your pool water clean and hygienic. However, you should put utmost emphasis on purchasing a filter with a shape and size that aptly fits into your pool requirements. Read on to know more.

Pool filter is an intrinsic part of a swimming pool. The purity of the pool water is dependent on the efficiency of the filter. So, you need to buy a pool filter from a renowned brand like Sta Rite Pool Filters, Dough Boy Filters, Hayward Filters, etc. However, what is more important is to get a filter that correctly corresponds to the the size and shape of your pool. It is always not easy to choose the right filter for your pool, whether you are looking for a Cartridge Pool Filters or a Sand Pool Filter. Prior to purchasing a pool filter, you should endeavor to know every detail about your pool so you can purchase the most suitable one.

Here are 4 tips that Can Help you in Buying the Right Filter for Your Swimming Pool:

The Filter Should Commensurate with the Size of Your Pool

Measure the surface area of your pool as well as the volume of water it can hold. Pools are available in various sizes and shapes. However, the most common shapes of pools are rectangular and round. Hence, make sure that you have rightly gauged the size and shape of your pool using the right correct formula. It will help you get one with the accurate size and shape.

Check the Maximum Volume of Water

Check the maximum volume of water of your swimming pool. Subsequently, use the volume of your pool to know how much water can move through the filter in a given time-frame. This is termed as flow rate. The flow rate usually varies from pool to pool. Make a point to calculate keeping this factor in mind to get the best filter for your pool.

Record the Turnover Rate of Your Pool

It means finding our the time it takes for the water to completely cycle through the filter.

As per most municipal health codes, there should be at least a filtration turnover rate of 2 complete turnovers of the water in a period of twenty-four hours.

Recommended Product

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