pool filters

Taking good care of a pool filter and pump is a challenging task, but if performed carefully and in the right manner, can reduce the burden of maintenance of filter and pump. Among the various brands available, Hayward pool filter cartridges are a well-know name in the industry. To ensure that the pump works in an effective manner, you need to keep a regular check on its functioning. However, problems may occur in a product, but instead of panicking, one should follow some easy techniques and tips to troubleshoot it. Here are some easy ways to solve your problem:

Tighten the Connections: The connections of the hose leading to the filter and the pump, should be tightened. Dipping hose makes way for the air to enter the system and once this happens, the filter runs in a vacuum, resulting in failure of the machine.

Remove Debris: Debris or any unwanted material should be removed from the skimmer basket at regular intervals. Many of us do not take the pain of opening the skimmer lid and cleaning the basket. A filter does not work efficiently if there is any blockage in the basket, Therefore, cleaning the skimmer basket helps the filter to function properly and keeps the water crystal clear.

Clean the Impeller: If you have a close look at the tube situated beyond the pump basket, you will find the impeller – this needs to be clean from time to time. Make sure you turn the motor before before you open the lid of the basket. Clean the impeller and remove any impurities that clog the impeller. Do not forget to replace the lid once you are done.

Backwash: The best way to clean your Hayward pool filter cartridge is by backwashing. Cleaning the filter is a solution to many problems. Carefully backwash the filter by following the instructions stated by the manufacturer.

Try out these simple tips to troubleshoot the pump and enjoy a splash into clean and clear water!