Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Pool Filters Make it Unnecessary to Replace Water After Summers

Using a pool filter makes it possible for people to avoid replacing the water of their pools after summers. The reason is cartridge filters keep the water clean and pure throughout the season. Filters of brands like Hayward, Astral and Unicel can really serve well as once they are installed the water of pool remains crystal clear.

During hot days, water of pools usually shrinks by an inch in every week. So, if the water level has gone down, then pool users can refill by adding on the water that they are using in ponds. The filters used in ponds initiate the filtration process and keep the water free from germs and impurities of all kind. Moreover, the water balance remains perfect with pH balance not exceeding 7.2 to 7.8, alkalinity level at 80-120 ppm and Chlorine levels at 3 – 4 ppm. So, there is no need to replace the water and hence many gallons can be saved from being wasted.

The importance of cartridge filters in pools is rated very high. They help to maintain pools and prolong pond’s longevity. The users can find relief on getting them installed as they are no longer bothered with back-washing their dirt filled ponds. The clogged filters are also easy to clean as the cartridges can be hosed with water jets and cleaned with muriatic acids. This releases impurities and the filter can be restarted for executing the filtration process. The water of the pool thus remains safe for use and does not require replacement.

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